Welcome to Wintertown, where everything is ice cold.

This explains it 

Why kids are starting to drop Facebook and, probably, why Facebook is talking about charging $4/mo.

NBC self-serving invitation to donate to Haiti relief.

Watching the Golden Globes and there have been a number of invitations to donate to Haiti relief and instead of directing people to text 90999 to HAITI (which has already generated $7M in donations) they direct people to where the donation links are BELOW THE FOLD.

This picture is of the NBC homepage seconds after Maggie Gyllenhaal so perfectly reminded us of what’s important.  I wish NBC would have acted similarly.

Avatar already number two all time worldwide in less than a month.  Holy hell.  James Cameron is indeed a genius.  (from

My calendar for this week.  So busy!

Yahoo Connected TV, trying it again at CES 

Aren’t there already 125 million laptops open?  And how close do you have to sit to the TV to read stuff?

The real reason Avatar is already over $1B in boxoffice is the story.  It’s Pocahontas.  (Thank you @raychill winterton).

Pearl Jam gives away a free song for Tweeting.  Smart.  Artists should give away special versions of their content in exchange for spreading the word.

It’s a good song too.  Eddie Vedder doesn’t mumble anymore.

Rotten tomatoes are worth money 

My favorite movie review site just purchased by Flixster.  Guess I’m gonna have to start using Flixster.

Ask Me Anything? 

I’m gonna try this new thing called

People can anonymously ask me questions.  The link is

I think it’s gonna be a disaster.

Rage Against the Machine Beats Simon Cowell 

Most excellent use of Facebook.

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